Fundraising and Scholarships

Study Abroad UK does its level best to offer you an affordable programme whether its for two weeks or two years. But we realise that sometimes a helping hand is needed. We hope you find this information useful.

Easy Study Abroad Fundraising

Your dream is now a possibility. Why not crowdfunding. Loads of people are doing it and your programme is so worthwhile. We want to empower you with intercultural knowledge, we want you to empower our young people with your culture and make a positive impact on our country and yourself. Enquire with us today and we will show you what you can do to turn your dream to come to the UK into a reality.

Try these websites today and realise your dream


UK High School Scholarships

We have several bursarys and sponsorships available. In return for our help we hope you will have fun too by sharing your activities with us?

Take some photos
Are you a budding photographer? Well we love photos. Promise to send us lots of photos of your programme so we can share them on our social media, news items, blogs, twitter and so on.

Write a Blog
We absolutely love blogs. Be our 2018 blogger and win yourself a place on our programme.

Do you like reporting?
Our students are up to all sorts these days and who better to update us than you. This is a fantastic way to interact with all your international peers so we can send stories and news back home.

Calling all you You Tubers, Snap Chatters and Instagrammers
Now this is a fantastic way to go, you tube your way through your programme lets showcase what we do.