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Coming back home.. I have met amazing people that I will never ever forget, thanks to everybody for all the good times. Thanks to my host family, it was the best experience of my life because of you I will miss you loads, love you


And now after 104 days of being in England, I have to say goodbye to all of those who share this with me, after 104 days I can say that I am not the same girl I can say that I made friends that I won't forget, friends that became family when I felt alone. I can say that I am not regretful about this experiences, I can say THANKS to my family that was always with me, ,THANKS to all this friends I made, now you are part of my history and my memory. This experience taught me that there is nothing like your family, taught me that we always have to say how much we love them, and how much we appreciate what they do for us. I cannot say that I haven't had bad moments, but also I had amazing moments that I won't forget. THANK YOU THANK YOU A THOUSAND TIMES THANK YOU

It's time to say goodbye, First of all I want to thank to everyone who was there for me, It has been one of the best experience of my life, England it's such a wonderful country with beautiful people, I can say that I have no regrets about this and I feel so lucky because all the memories will stay in my life forever, Thanks to everyone and I'm going to miss everything (school, family and friends) , I learned that the stereotypes are not right, actually it was sun in England , I'll miss everyone and I hope to see you one day


Well, here we are. The exchange just ended up.
And I'm in an emotional conflict. Basically I absolutely don't know how to feel... It's been a wonderful experience, a DREAM lasted from the night between September the 5th and December the 19th.
I completely started a new life, meeting new people from all around the world, and, I mean, I couldn't ask for anything better. I knew funny people, very intelligent people, grown-up teenagers acting like adults. And succeeding in that. It's been really difficult to say "goodbye" to everyone, someone is just like I knew him/her since when I was born, because of the very strong relationship we built up and carried on in this four months.
And I don't know how to thank the family that hosted and supported me in difficulties: it really had to be an hard job with me

I will surely come back in UK to see the place that made me an adult, as I now believe I became.
No other experience in life allows you to challenge yourself as an Exchange does. And it is not something for everyone, but it actually gives you more than anything you could even ask. I'm kinda jealous for those who are staying more than me, just because they can live without rules, set themselves the limits they recognize are the best for them, be autonomous and improve day after day the awesome person they already are. I've been able to do that for just almost four months, and it has not been enough, I know.

On the other hand, Italy is Italy. Nothing to add. I absolutely love my own country and in three days I re-connected all my old life to the new one is just starting. Seeing my places, my family, my girlfriend, my mates, and my food was another flattering experience.
I loved you, guys, for what we built up together, and I will never forget UK 2014 only because of you.

Thanks to everyone


From the first moment I walked in and
introduced myself, I already felt content and comfortable in the house
and that has not changed a single day. They are also very accommodating
and easy to get along with, and I love that they include me into their
jokes and conversation on a daily basis. My favorite part of my school
are the courses I am taking, specifically Psychology and English. In
Psychology, I am learning information that I never would have otherwise
and I'm very interested in it, and it has influenced my future plans
because I would now love to include Psychology somewhere in my future.
My English class has allowed me to read and discuss books and plays
that I never would have read if I wasn't in this program, and I love
the new information I'm exposed to because of this. Everyone is very
kind and accepting and I'm having a great time! My favorite part about
the trip is having the opportunity to interact with people from around
the world. Not only have I become friends with people in England, but
also in Argentina, Panama, Costa Rica, Mexico, Switzerland, etc. It's
such an amazing experience being able to interact with people who all
share a common interest, and without this trip I never would have
experienced it! I am very pleased with my time here so far. Here are a
couple pictures of my time here, two include some other students of the
exchange, and the other is my host sister and I!


Coming to England has probably been one of the best decisions I've made
in my life so far. I've gotten to learn and experience so many
different things that I wouldn't have been able to do back home, as
well as gotten to meet so many amazing people. I loved my host family
from the first time I met them. They were so open and welcoming and
that really made me feel at home. They are always making sure I was
doing alright and that I'm ok, and I know I could always go to them if
I needed anything. My school here in England is great! The teachers and
other faculty of the school have been so helpful to me since I've
gotten here. They've really made an effort to make sure I know what's
going on. The students have been really nice as well and they
understand that I'm still getting used the things here. I've made some
really good friends there. The trips that we've gone on have been a
great way to see the country as well as get to know the other exchange
students in the program. I've thoroughly enjoyed everywhere we've
gotten to visit. It's been amazing to learn about the other exchange
students and the different countries that they've come from. That's
probably the thing I like the most, getting to learn so much about the


Dear Director and staffs of Study Abroad UK

We would like to thank Kerry, Debbies and all the staffs of Study Abroad UK for your kind organising a very good program for all of us. we enjoy all the program including meeting the Mayor of Stafford, going to school, sightseeing in London and Paris as well as lots of other places. We gained a lot of good experience and opportunity. We would like to thank all host families for good sharing and caring during our stay here. we did enjoy and appreciated.


The adventure started when I was in Mexico deciding what to do with my life, I was about to finish high school and I needed to make a decision for my future, then I thought mmh, what about to study abroad, and I said to my mom and she said me, Sofia you are crazy, if you want to go you need to think very well what are you going to do, is not easy just like, oh I want to go abroad and that's it, but after think too much about the situation I looked on internet about being an exchange student and I really want to do it, so I decided to do it, why not? Is just a year, then my parents agree, I remember exactly the day when I was coming, I took a picture outside of my house, my room, even to the street just to remember, like memories, then I was in the airport just waiting for my flight, for my luck, I took the flight with another friends so It was not too bad just me in the plain waiting 10 or more hours, when I arrived I was just looking at the screens looking for flights to come back to Mexico I was really scared thinking what am I doing here? This is not right! Then I said to me, okay Sofia just keep calm and everything will be okay. I arrived to my new house, my new home for a few months, the first impression of my host family, was really good, I remember perfectly they made a Mexican dinner just for me, I felt really pleased, they have been really nice with me, I feel like a member of the family and also they have been taking me to different places, and in the future I'm planning to visit them again, and what about my host sisters they are Lovely!, back at home is just me and my parents I always wanted to have sisters, and now I have three little sister, and also I had another sister from Australia but she is gone, she is a really nice girl, we spent a lot of time together and I felt like she was a real sister for me, she was always saying: we are sisters from another mister, I really miss her, but the best thing as my life as an exchange student was meeting people from another countries, around the world, it is really hard to explain because I realized that we are from different places, really far away, trying to come here to have the best experience of our lives, and also because we have so much in common, for me it was hard but I knew that all the students have been cross for the same situation as me, saying goodbye to your life, your friends, everything, but the hardest thing to say goodbye to your parents, is really nice to know that, we have so much in common, but we are here enjoying England and our experience.
Now I really like England I decided to come here first because is in Europe, I really like the idea of to live in Europe, and also the accent I find it fascinating, and because I always wanted to visit London, I been there plenty times, I love London, because I never seen such a beautiful city as London, with this year I have learned so many things, now I know how to take the bus, trains, plains, my English now is not that bad but im still learning, I learnt about the culture here, the food, I loved the food from here, and I will never have regrets of my decision to come here, I made a really good friends from different places, the school is really nice, the subjects, I'm taking the subjects that I really like, and my friends at school are so nice with me, I met people, I went to places.

Adrian Ocampo Mexico May 2013

Hello Matthew

I would like to take advantage of this email for say thank you very much for be my help and my supporting of the whole year thank you for all your answers, and say that im very lucky for came here because i spent a really good time with the program, friends, people, family, school, trips, and with all the country, im so really grateful with all the things and i will never forget this experience in this beautiful country, thank you for your words and your advices!!.

Have a really good day. THANK YOU

Mark Plemmons, USA November 2011

"Adelaide has certainly enjoyed her time in England. We had the opportunity to meet the host family and believe there could not have been a better family for her. The Study Abroad UK program is top notch and I have recommended it to several colleagues whose children are interested. Our sincere thanks to you."

Lee Paler, USA April 2011

"Im surpsied that Alex hasn't found a way for the host family to adopt him!! Haha Seriously, he just loves the UK. he is having a fabulous time and it sounds like it is only going to get better. Thanks for all your help making this such a memorable experience for our son."

Suthida M, exchange student Thailand 2010

" My stay in England so far has been fantastic! I made lots of new friends who are from all over the world, Mexico, Romania, Holland My friends help me with my English and always help me, especially with Biology homework. Another good thing is that this experience has made me more independent"

Dolma S, exchange student Australia 2010

"My host family is the best simply because they're lively, friendly funny, caring and chilled outpeople. I have excellent host parents who do care about me and talk to me and listen to me as if I was their actual daughter. We all get along really well and Ill be sad to leave"

Magomed Tupev, Ukraina 2008

"The family is super.....I love this place.. I am so excited about Oxford and London... Study Abraod Uk is the best"

John Green, Canada 2007

" Oliva is very happy in the program and she is happy with her host family. She definitely wants to return to the UK after the summer"

Mike Buroojy, USA 2007

"All I can say is that I can not type enough words to express all our thanks for all you did for us. Hopefully some time soon I will get the chance to visit and say thank you in person. Grafully yours"

Koichi Yoshimura, Japan 2002

"Ive had a really great time this year and I've got many unforgettable memories. Thank you very much again and I to see you again"

Tim Harper, CEO Harper Consultancy, Philipinnes 2000

"Our core activity is helping Asian students to participate in Study Abroad programs, we have worked closely with Study Abroad UK for many years now and have no hesitation in recommending them. Study Abroad UK has always been excellent and reliable. They always provide good host families, good schools and good excursions, we are very pleased with our relationship with Study Abroad UK"