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Vegan Host Family UK

Vegan Host Family UK

Tuesday 28th May 2019

We get asked this question a lot, can I live with a vegan host family in England? The answer is yes of course you can we have lots of vegan and vegetarian host families in the UK. Being a vegan or vegetarian is easy in England. We have many "fake meat" products here and they taste amazing. Our Director of Exchange Kerry Ferguson is a vegetarian and she knows how important it is for a vegetarian or vegan student to live with a host family that can understand and provide a vegetarian or vegan diet. So what do vegan and vegetarian students eat in England? In the picture you can see a vegan breakfast. This is a vegan version of what we call a "full English breakfast".

Vegan Breakfast. Serves one person

Two vegan sausages
Two large flat mushrooms fried in olive oil
1/2 can of your favourite tomatoes, we use tinned cherry tomatoes
Scrambled tofu (1/2 block), add a pinch of turmeric for colour and a stock cube to taste
Two slices of brown toast slithered in vegan butter
Wilted spinach (as much as you like)

Every year we have more vegan and vegetarian students apply and each year we increase our vegetarian and vegan host families.