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Resources for Study Abroad Participants

We want to make your trip to England as successful as possible. We hope that our free on-line resources and information will help you achieve that. We will upload new information regularly. But if there is something you want to see in this space. Let us know.

We provide all High School students in central England with free monthly excursions. We have compiled a brochure so that you see the destinations we include. We aim to show you the best of Britain. All our excursions are private tours. We provide our own dedicated staff team to escort each tour. Every tour has a packed itinerary so you can make the most of your day. We make an effort to give you lots of cultural information on your tour to help you improve your English and learn about Britain

Typical Day Excursion Itineray

Join your coach at a local departure point
Comfort stop
Arrive at your destination mid morning
Guided City walk and sightseeing tour
Lunch Break
Museum or Attraction (we pay the entrance fees)
Free time
Coach departure

Lots of you ask us what a typical UK school is like in the UK. Well here is your chance to see. Please have a look through the UK school brochure. And if you have any questions please do ask.

When we have screened a a host family, we prepare a host family profile. The profile is generally 6 to 8 pages long depending on how the family ansers our questions during their interview. The profile is what we send over to you so you can consider whether you would like to be placed in this particular home. We prepare the profiles so you can have a preview of what you potential family looks like. Information such as interests, hobbies, occupation, pets and lifestyle are all included. Once you see the profile you are free to ask any questions you want or make special requests to the family.