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Voted the best Exchange Programme in the UK 2023

Wednesday 21st June 2023

We are very proud to announce that our Exchange Programme In the UK is award-winning. We believe we do a brilliant job for every young person that joins our High School Experience program. We have a dedicated Student Support team who are there to offer help guidance and support to each and every young person. A fantastic Family Support team who are there to answer any questions or concerns about participants. We have a very knowledgeable tour guide team who make sure that every free trip we run is fun, interesting, and steeped with history. Our school team works tirelessly to secure educational placements and our drivers are there to welcome exchange students at the airport and say goodbye and…

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Behind the Scenes at Study Abroad UK

Thursday 23rd June 2022
Kerry Ferguson Director of Global Citizenship

This time of year we Study Abroad UK is very very busy. We are right in the middle of what we call "placement season". Applications are flying in and everyone is working flat out to meet the deadline of the end of July. All educational places have to be done and dusted as schools in the UK close for summer. The main problem we have is that schools/colleges are equally super busy and sometimes getting a response can take weeks. We like each profile to be read and accepted individually. So we have the inboud admin team reviewing and accepting new students, the school team are phoning, emailing and contacting schools/colleges, the family team are interviewing and screening…

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The Study Abroad UK Edinburgh Trip

Wednesday 18th May 2022
Kerry Ferguson

Our students tell us this is famous and everyone wants to join our trip to Edinburgh so I thought it was about time that I told you what it is about. Firstly as young people do not get up early we depart at 10 am. Our tour director Mark Reeves and his assistant welcome everyone on the coach. During the journey to our first stop, our guides talk about Edinburgh and we have a quiz. Our first stop is Gretna Green. Gretna Green is amazing and famous for people eloping to get married. Arriving in Edinburgh late afternoon we take a guided tour around Edinburgh taking in all the points of interest. After settling in our accommodation we head out…

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Free trip to Chester March 2022

Wednesday 30th March 2022
Mark - Tour Director - Study Abroad UK

All students were welcomed to coach at the various pick-up points. Covid test results were checked. Safety announcements were made after each pick-up about safety belts and remaining seated. Leaving the final pick-up point at 10am we made the short journey to Chester. During this part of the journey, we made announcements about the day ahead and we gave a presentation of interesting facts about Chester. We also informed the students If anyone had any problems or would like to talk to me or Lisa in private that they were more than welcome to come and have a chat with us at any time during the day (this was repeated on the journey home). Arriving in Chester at 11.30am we started…

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Student Exchange Birmingham

Monday 2nd March 2020

We often get asked about a student exchange program alternative to London. Most foreign students coming to England have already seen London and want to study somewhere other than London. Student exchange in Birmingham is very popular. The High School Experience in Birmingham means that Study Abroad exchange students have access to the vibrant and lively city of Birmingham without an expensive commute by tube. Our Birmingham host families are mostly based on the outskirts of Birmingham in safe family neighborhoods. The city centre is easy to reach with a short journey by bus. Bus travel is a very safe and popular travel method in and around Birmingham. Birmingham local government even provides seniors with a free local travel…

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Study Abroad UK Facebook

Monday 17th February 2020

One thing that always tugs our heart strings is the messages we see on Facebook. We love to see how we make such a difference to young peoples lives. Its so true what our students say. When you are leaving your home country to come to Great Britain you know that you will always come back but when you leave England you just don't know if you will have the chance to come to back again. We wanted to share this Facebook post with you. Today exactly one year ago, I was on the flight to England! ✈️ A great exchange 😋 despite everything I went through. I met too many nice people of different nationalities. Going to exchange is to know…

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Visit England High School Experience after Brexit

Tuesday 4th February 2020

Nothing will change for EU students until 2021. You can still expect to have freedom of movement in the UK. Click read more Read to watch video

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Study Abroad in London experience

Monday 3rd February 2020

We recently took Some of our UK High School Experience students to London. Everybody loves this trip to the capital. Usually its an early start so the first coach pick is at 6.25 am. It's takes around 3 hours from Central England to get into London. We always stop off halfway down to stretch our legs and usually have a quiz about London and share interesting stories on the way there. When we arrive in London our first stop is the Tower Bridge. You can actually walk right across the top of the bridge. It is quite safe as its all enclosed. There is also a glass floor to walk across. Once we have seen the Tower Bridge, we take…

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Christmas in English host family

Thursday 12th December 2019

If you choose to spend your Study Abroad Experience in the winter semester then your in for a treat. We love to decorate our homes, our towns well just about everywhere you turn you will see pretty lights and Christmas tree. Generally as most of our students stay in host families. We will tell you what to expect. On or around the 1st December we will retrieve our artificial Christmas tree from our attic. They are mostly green but popular colours are white, silver and black. Size varies but a popular size is 6ft. Few homes in the UK have real trees because they loose needles quickly.They can also be expensive. The Christmas tree tends to be placed in the…

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Vegan Host Family UK

Tuesday 28th May 2019

We get asked this question a lot, can I live with a vegan host family in England? The answer is yes of course you can we have lots of vegan and vegetarian host families in the UK. Being a vegan or vegetarian is easy in England. We have many "fake meat" products here and they taste amazing. Our Director of Exchange Kerry Ferguson is a vegetarian and she knows how important it is for a vegetarian or vegan student to live with a host family that can understand and provide a vegetarian or vegan diet. So what do vegan and vegetarian students eat in England? In the picture you can see a vegan breakfast. This is a vegan version of…

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How to Apply to Study in the UK?

Monday 13th May 2019

Its is easy to apply to Study Abroad in the UK. We really do try to keep the process very easy and simple. All of our programs use the same forms. We call this a student profile. One the first page you provide basic information about yourself, then we ask what sort of host family you would like. We find out if your a veggie, vegan or have any allergies etc. If you can adjust to a smoking home or home with pets, you then tell us about your interests and hobbies and your favourite foods. We have an academic transcript, a medical form and ask you to write an introductions to your host family and your placement. Thats…

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Host Family in London

Monday 8th April 2019

If you would like a host family in London then we can help. A Study Abroad host family in London provides affordable accommodation for over 18's. Also in a Study Abroad host family we can offer you a home from home in London that has been vetted unlike Air B and B who do not vet their homes. Every homestay in London we offer has been visited by our staff. We also perform criminal background checks so you know you have safe accommodation in London. We also guarantee free wi-fi in the host family. Please get in touch if we can help you find an affordable host family

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