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Free  trip to Chester  March 2022

Free trip to Chester March 2022

Wednesday 30th March 2022
Mark - Tour Director - Study Abroad UK

All students were welcomed to coach at the various pick-up points. Covid test results were checked. Safety announcements were made after each pick-up about safety belts and remaining seated.

Leaving the final pick-up point at 10am we made the short journey to Chester. During this part of the journey, we made announcements about the day ahead and we gave a presentation of interesting facts about Chester. We also informed the students If anyone had any problems or would like to talk to me or Lisa in private that they were more than welcome to come and have a chat with us at any time during the day (this was repeated on the journey home).

Arriving in Chester at 11.30am we started our guided walking tour from the Chester Castle on the outside of the Chester Walls next to the river Dee. Walking along the river there was buskers and lots going on especially as it was a day the weather nice. We visited the Bridge Gate and Old Dee Bridge and then made our way away from the river and up to St John Baptist Church was has some ruins in the churchyard.

The next stop was the Amphitheatre where we gave some information and had a 20-minute break sitting on the grass in the Amphitheatre to have a picnic with their packed lunch. We then visited the Roman Gardens where we took a group photo and from the Roman Gardens, we took the steps up to the City Wall and visited the Eastgate clock and water tower on route. We exited the City Wall at the top of Chester Racecourse and came back down into the town and ended our guided tour at the 2 level Tudor buildings. Our guided walking tour lasted over 2 hours.

We arranged to meet at the Amphitheatre at 16:30 and students were given 3 hours of free time.
We left the meeting point (Amphitheatre) at 16.45 and took the 30-minute walk back along the river Dee to the coach-park.

We left Chester at 17.20

During the journey back we spoke about our day and our upcoming trips.