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Wednesday 17th October 2018


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How old do you have to be to an exchange student in the uk

Monday 1st October 2018

We get asked this question quite a lot so we thought we would put it in our blog. Most exchange students are aged between 16 and 18 but occasionally we get requests from 15 year olds and 18+ If you have not reached your 19th birthday by the time you land we can offer you a place. What if you are under 16? Everything will proceed as normal if you are 15 years and 11 months when you land. If you are younger it becomes a little more tricky. If you are aged under 15 and 11 months when you land your host family status must change. In the UK if you are 15 you are considered to be a child. Therefore the…

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10 Reasons to Study Abroad in England

Monday 23rd April 2018

[1] Our students describe visiting the UK as one of the best periods of their lives. [2] It gives you the opportunity to experience different subjects that you do not experience in the United States and other parts of the world. *[3]*It gives you the chance to improve your English skills, while also being immersed in the British culture. It makes it easier to learn a language. *[4]*It gives you the opportunity to be exposed to new tastes, new music, new people and new attitudes to build your new well travelled self. *[5]*You learn life skills to become self-sufficient and independent. *[6]*Future employers and friends will be impressed by your Study Abroad UK experience, as most people only get the chance to travel…

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Fully Refundable Deposit for Study Abroad Programmes

Monday 12th March 2018

There is no application fee to join our study abroad programmes. The application process is completely free. We provide you with a free application form which you can send back via email. You don't even have to pay for the postage. Its that simple. You application form will be viewed by our admission team then Dr. Ashmore, Director of Management. Once you receive your official offer of a place we request a deposit so we can begin work to secure your education, volunteer or work placement. If we are unsuccessful, if we can't find you a place to work, study or exchange then you receive your money back. It is a simple as that.

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UK High School International Project

Thursday 23rd November 2017

When you become an high school exchange student, part of the experience is sharing your culture. Our teenagers love to hear all about your home country. Very often British teenagers are no so well travelled as you, so finding about your life is very interesting. Last week one of our students from Guatemala gave a presentation about her home country. She put a lovely presentation together to talk about life in Guatemala. It was interesting for UK teens to learn the differences between the UK and Guatemala culture

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Tuesday 31st October 2017

Do you ever wonder what UK high school is really like? Well now you can just see for yourself. Here are some of our students introducing themselves in the school news broadcasts. Well done everyone

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Monday 11th September 2017

We would just like to stay a big welcome to all our academic students and exchange students who have arrived or will arrive shortly. As usual we are an over subscribed programme and have tried our best to accommodate as many students as possible. Especially we have tried to help those who have been let down at the last minute by other organisations who are unable to find host families. We have lots of host families in the UK. Please contact us if you want to come to England to study or as an exchange student our next academic intake is January.

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Study Abroad Team Member Walks Again

Wednesday 15th February 2017

We have great pleasure in announcing that our lovely team member Nicki through hard work and determination has found her feet once again. Nicki, a dedicated former police officer was seriously hurt in the line of duty. As well as other numerous injuries Nicki was paralysed from the waist down. Now with the help of technology Nicki is able to walk again. We are so proud of what Nicki has achieved and know how hard she has had to work to be able to walk once more. Please read Nicki's story

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Travel the world with costing the earth

Monday 9th May 2016

Great program, great prices. Looking for a low cost study abroad program, well you have found it. We do our very best to keep prices down so that more young people can take part in student exchange. Our prices are like you have won a study abroad scholarship. We never compromise on quality, we offer the best student programme in the world

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Study Abroad Resources

Monday 23rd March 2015

To help you choose your Study Abroad program in England we are going to be uploading free student resources. Thing we think will help you Study in the UK, understand more about UK host families, student exchange in England and how Study Abroad UK works. We can not put everything up here at once. But web helper Matthew Adams is working hard behind the scenes to bring you and easy to use page. Study Abroad UK does everything it can to help its students prepare to study in Britain. If you can think of a student resource you would like immediately then please do contact us by email. For now check out our Studying Abroad resource page as it starts to…

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Study Abroad UK Free Excursions

Thursday 19th February 2015

We know that if you study in England you want to explore. The Study Abroad High School program offers free excursions to all students placed in Central England. We take you to the best places in the UK so that you can see the best tourist attraction We want you to have a great time and we want to showcase our country. All our tours are fully escorted with our own staff on board the coach. They provide a fun and informative day for you to remember. Put your photos on Facebook We love them ! Here is a typical list of our Study Abroad excursions Study Abroad Bath trip We visit the famous UNESCO world heritage site and see the Roman baths Study…

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