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Monday 23rd March 2015

To help you choose your Study Abroad program in England we are going to be uploading free student resources. Thing we think will help you Study in the UK, understand more about UK host families, student exchange in England and how Study Abroad UK works. We can not put everything up here at once. But web helper Matthew Adams is working hard behind the scenes to bring you and easy to use page. Study Abroad UK does everything it can to help its students prepare to study in Britain. If you can think of a student resource you would like immediately then please do contact us by email. For now check out our Studying Abroad resource page as it starts to…

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Study Abroad UK Free Excursions

Thursday 19th February 2015

We know that if you study in England you want to explore. The Study Abroad High School program offers free excursions to all students placed in Central England. We take you to the best places in the UK so that you can see the best tourist attraction We want you to have a great time and we want to showcase our country. All our tours are fully escorted with our own staff on board the coach. They provide a fun and informative day for you to remember. Put your photos on Facebook We love them ! Here is a typical list of our Study Abroad excursions Study Abroad Bath trip We visit the famous UNESCO world heritage site and see the Roman baths Study…

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Share a host Family- Make friends around the world

Wednesday 14th January 2015

Study Abroad UK Buddy Program- Make friends around the world Going overseas by yourself can be a big deal by yourself. No need to worry, we can help you. A Study Abroad buddy means you share a host family with another student with a different nationality. You choose to stay in a host family who will be hosting another student. Your student buddy will be from a different country and on the same program as you. So you can improve your English, go to college together, visit the UK together. You will make friends with another student from a different part of the world on day one. So not only do you make friends with English students you make friends with…

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The best student exchange program in the world

Tuesday 22nd July 2014

We need your vote. We believe we do a great job for our students. We always go the extra mile to help any young person whether they travel with us or not. We believe that we do everything possible to make sure that every student who travels with us has a great time on program. We have lots of staff in the field to help students, there is always someone you can call on day or night. We care about young people your never just a number or a file. We give personal attention to everyone who takes part in a Study Abroad UK. Young people are our number one. We create memories and stories for life. Please take a…

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UK Host Family just for Christmas and holidays

Monday 21st July 2014

If you need a UK host family for Christmas and holidays we can help! We have hundreds of families through Britain. We have host families available during the holiday period to host you. Arrival date is negotiable. We will meet you at the local airport or train station. If you are currently in a UK boarding school, we can collect you in person from school and drive you to your host family. During the festive holidays expect to join in with Christmas atmosphere or if you don't want to you can request a family that does not celebrate. We have families for everyone. All you have to do is ask

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Programs for special needs students

Monday 7th July 2014

Finding a program for physically challenged or special needs students may prove difficult. But,we want to help students with challenges. We have programs for wheelchair users. We have programs for mobility issues. Most UK schools and UK colleges are adapted to help with mobility. There is no reason why a physically challenged student can not come to Britain. The Study Abroad UK has a good record for helping students with mobility issues. In Britain most places like shopping centres, tourist attractions, restaurants, cinemas and theatres also have special facilities to assist wheelchair users and those students who are less able. Please do not think that because you have a challenge you can not come here. You can. You will be…

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Study Abroad UK Bus Pass

Friday 20th June 2014

We always provide a travel pass for Study Abroad students. Students often wonder how the Study Abroad UK travel pass works? In the UK we do not have one public transport provider we have several. Students travel around the local area by bus. Buses in urban areas in the UK are frequent and often. In cities there is information at the bus stop telling you when the next bus will arrive. You can pay for your journey in cash to the driver or you can use a travel card. Study Abroad UK provides a travel card. The Study Abroad UK bus pass can vary. We always do our best to buy you a pass that is valid for the entire length of…

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UK Host Families

Tuesday 10th June 2014

We have hundreds of host families in the UK. We often get asked about the type of host family you will be placed in? When you complete your application form you can choose the type of host family. We offer host families with teenagers, host families with children and host families with no children. In your host family you can stay with another exchange student or you can stay by yourself. If you stay with another exchange student they will be from another country so you will speak in English. You can also choose a host family who has pets or a host family with no pets. We can even find you a family where you can bring your own…

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Study Abroad UK cell phone

Monday 19th May 2014

On some programmes we provide a free UK cell phone. In England we call these mobile phones. In the UK mobile phones can be on a "contract" or on "pay as you go" If you on a contract then you pay a set amount every month to the telecoms provider. They usually give you so many free minutes, free text messages and free internet time. After you use this time you have to pay. There are some exceptions if you have an "unlimited" phone contract. With "pay as you go" you pay for what you use. You can top up your phone with credit and you usually receive a text message to tell you if you are low on…

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No Application Deadlines at Study Abroad UK

Monday 12th May 2014

We do not have deadlines. The is no application deadline for Study Abroad UK. We know that some organisations can let you down. They can not find you a UK host family or they can not find you a UK study placement. We do our best to help you whatever your circumstances. If you need help contact us. We will try even harder help you study abroad. We never shut our doors to any young person who needs help. We want you to have a trip of a lifetime with Study Abroad UK and we know you can not always make an application for a deadline. We understand we are dealing with people so we go the extra mile Please…

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Study Abroad UK Information Pack

Wednesday 30th April 2014

Study Abroad UK has launched a new study abroad information pack. The information pack is available for all study abroad programs. How to get a Study Abroad UK information pack? All you need to do is to send us an email to request the pack and which Study Abroad UK information pack you require. We have the following available. High School Exchange Information Pack Study Abroad Information Pack Volunteer Abroad Information Pack Group Programs Information Pack Work Placement Information Pack Student Exchange Information Pack Intensive English Information Pack University preparation Information Pack Summer short stay Information Pack Host families for groups information pack

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Exchange programs for 19 year old students

Wednesday 23rd April 2014

Study Abroad UK is the only program in the world to offer High School Exchange to 19 year old students. We try to help as many young people to visit England as possible. As long as you are 19 years old or younger you can do a UK High School Exchange Program. 19 year old UK exchange students are treated as adults in Great Britain. We place you in an English host family so that get help and support you need. Even though you are a 19 year old exchange we do work with some British High School who are willing to accept student exchanges for 19 year old exchange students

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